Positive Mindset In Your Affiliate Marketing Business

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Affiliate marketing is a business model that enables businesses and entrepreneurs to expand their market reach by leveraging the power of ever-expanding affiliate networks. Today, this business model is going through a tech revolution as figures from Internet Retailer show that affiliate networks generated 36% of their revenues via mobile commerce in January 2015. In comparison, only 25% of e-commerce sales in the US occurred on mobile devices during the same period underscoring the importance of e-sales in this industry. With that in mind, here are some great tips for starting an affiliate marketing business

Positive Mindset

A positive mindset can help you overcome the challenges associated with starting a new business, including an affiliate marketing business. To start with, according to the Mayo Clinic, positive thinking helps reduce stress, which is beneficial because entrepreneurs generally experience intense pressure and stress, especially during the early stages of a business. In addition, the Mayo Clinic says positivity is good for your health because it reduces the risk of developing cardiovascular disease, increases lifespan, reduces likelihood of developing depression, and enhances the immune system’s resistance to common cold.

To develop a positive mindset, you must nurture positive self-talk. In this case, self-talk refers to the unspoken stream of thoughts that run through your head. Some of the strategies you can use to achieve this goal include:

• Striving to remain optimistic at all times
• Avoid listening to and believing unsubstantiated rumors
• Avoid joining gossip-based conversations because they rarely inspire motivation.
• If you need inspiration, try as much as possible to associate with like-minded people
• Strive to use positive words even when discussing negative issues or problems. A good example is saying, “I Believe we can find a solution.”
• If you are unhappy at work or in your relationship, admit the same and focus on turning things around or seek help to reverse negativity. However, do not expect positive changes to occur overnight
• Before making major decisions, evaluate carefully the issue at hand to avoid undertaking actions that you will regret later
• Seek help from friends, religious leaders, alternative medicine practitioners, or suitable mental health experts like counsellors and psychiatrists/psychologists

Plunging into Affiliate Marketing

After developing a positive mental attitude, you can go ahead and plunge into affiliate marketing. Nevertheless, you should only do so methodically to improve your chances of success. The steps to follow include:

1. Identify affiliate network

Start by identifying a suitable affiliate network. This means picking a network marketing opportunity in a familiar niche that suits your entrepreneurship needs/requirements and has the potential to maintain market growth in the near future. It is also advisable to select an affiliate program that pays members on time and has a clear payment policy. At this stage, it is not wise to quit your job if you already have one. In other words, you should not quit your job until your affiliate marketing business is able to make steady profits. Use search engines such as Google to research available Internet marketing opportunities.


After identifying an affiliate network, focus on learning as much as you can about it. This includes its products/services, brand reputation, success stories, market reach, and financial improprieties if any. At the same time, learn how affiliate marketing opportunities work meaning how to recruit new members, how to generate and qualify sales leads, as well as how to motivate new members when they face challenges. It makes sense to study the demographics of an affiliate program’s target consumer niche as well.

Investing your time to learn these aspects will help you avoid pitfalls such as failing to connect with consumers when pitching products/consumers or selecting an affiliate opportunity hinged on financially unviable consumer segment. This is important because you have to invest time, personal effort and some money.

Seek a mentor

For newbie affiliate marketers, it is wise to seek experienced mentors, preferably in the same affiliate industry niche. Mentors help recruits refine their pitching technique, build strong industry networks, remain focused even when faced by seemingly insurmountable challenges and inspire others. In most cases, affiliates who recruit new marketers to grow their networks serve as mentors to their underlings. Nevertheless, this is not mandatory meaning you can select a mentor of your choice provided he/she can accommodate your request. You can even have multiple mentors if you believe such an arrangement would work for you.

Continuous improvement

The network marketing industry is evolving at a fast pace meaning you must focus on continuous improvement. This includes studying and analyzing market trends to identify new network expansion opportunities, evaluating marketing strategies deployed by competitors, and monitoring consumer chatter in relation to network marketing brands. Luckily, you can use an Internet-connected mobile device (smartphone or tablet) or desktop PC/laptop to accomplish these objectives from the comfort of your home.Furthermore, enroll in training programs that will help you advance and improve your Internet marketing skillset.

Leveraging technology

Traditionally, affiliate marketers relied solely on face-to-face encounters to convince consumers to purchase the goods or services they were promoting. Technology has made this approach just one of many that a marketer can exploit to reach consumers. For example, most affiliate programs now allow marketers to set up sites linked to a parent portal. As such, marketers earn pre-agreed commissions based on factors like the amount traffic directed to parent platform, consumer actions after reaching the main affiliate site, and amount spent on products/services. With this in mind, date from the Internet Retailer show that Android tablets accounted for 44% of affiliate marketing web traffic and 26% of total sales in January 2015. On the other hand, smartphone owners accounted for 26% of all web traffic and 26% of total revenues related to affiliate marketing. Internet Retailer also states that iPad owners have a higher conversion rate than owners of Android tablets.


If you are unemployed or are looking for an extra source of income, consider joining an affiliate network. However, you need a positive mindset to succeed in the highly competitive network marketing industry. Use techniques like associating with individuals with positive mentality, seeking professional help, remaining optimistic in spite of the circumstances, and using positive words when conversing with others. To succeed as an affiliate marketer, identify a viable business opportunity, learn everything about it, and leverage the power of technology.

To Your Online Success.

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