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Facebook is arguably the largest social media platform with the highest number of users. Apart from using the platform to chat, exchange photos, status updates and documents, the business can tap into traffic from Facebook to their sites and spread the word about their product out there. Facebook marketing is one of the best drivers in peer-to-peer conversations, which can lead to your site getting traffic from Facebook whether by normal posts or use of Facebook notes.

Here are some effective and easy to follow Facebook marketing techniques.

Make use of the Facebook notes for effective Facebook marketing.

Facebook has updated their Facebook notes feature to enable Facebook profile owners to share long-form articles with friends on the network. There is also an option to add notes to Facebook pages although the interface is not that good.

You can use Facebook notes to summarize your latest blog post. The note can then be linked to the original post so that the blog can receive traffic from Facebook. Facebook notes can also be used as supplementary content and linked to the main company site as part of the Facebook marketing efforts. On the other hand, you may post Facebook notes as extended business bio. Facebook notes can also be used to introduce a service or a product as a Facebook marketing strategy. You will only get traffic from Facebook if you link the Facebook note to your landing page for the service or product.

You may also use Facebook notes to update your fans on the important news on the business or industry. The Facebook notes also come in handy when communicating the status of a crisis that the business is handling. Backup the content of Facebook notes, just in case Facebook made a change in the Facebook notes app.

Give your page a human touch

Social media marketing is all about stepping out of the big brand and connecting with the fans as common friends. You should let your personality be seen in every Facebook post that you make. Post entertaining photos and posts that give quality information or help solve customer problems. Like social media marketing in other platforms, Facebook marketing is only successful if the content is shared among the fans. Sharing brings more traffic from Facebook to your site hence successful Facebook marketing.

Bombarding the fans with product information alone will end up pushing them away due to boredom. Fans want to see your latest trip to Cayman Islands details, of the latest fun team building activity, controversial topics and so much more makes the social media marketing more appealing. They desire to see the different side of the company for them to share. Social media marketing is also about that personal connection with your fans, that personal message that touches their core and drives them to the company’s website.

Crowdsource your decisions

Let your Facebook fans weigh in some common decisions that you make. Are you designing a package, a new logo, or slogan? Ask you fans to give ideas. Facebook fans come from all corners of life and would be glad to be part of the company. This social media marketing technique engages the fans in a huge way. The fans readily accept the final product; they would also share the same on Facebook with friends bringing more traffic from Facebook to your site. You can also use Facebook to get feedback on certain aspects of your company or product and make necessary changes. Feedback is a Facebook marketing gimmick that makes clients feel that they belong.

Customer service

Social media customer support is also a mode of Facebook marketing. In the earlier days, people had only the option of calling and the customer representatives. Facebook has become an easier route of connecting with customers and responding to inquiries and complaints. This Facebook marketing technique helps the firm create a rapport with the clients, improve the services, and get feedback fast.

The key to getting this social media marketing tactic running is to have a member of staff specifically employed to monitor the social media marketing platforms such a Facebook. The response should be immediate or after a few minutes. For long customer care alerts, consider using Facebook notes.

Determine when and what to post

Your Facebook fans are not always online. Thus, for your Facebook marketing post to get maximum visibility and create enough traffic from Facebook among fans, ensure that you make posts when most fans are online. Use the Facebook Insights to get to know when most of your fans are online and make your posts and Facebook notes then. Your Facebook marketing tactic should be to write a highly engaging piece, get as much share as possible from the fans, and get you more traffic from Facebook.

Using ecomotions is a Facebook marketing tactic that increases comments by over 30 percent. Such posts also get liked over 50 percent more than those without.

Asking questions on Facebook notes or the normal posts gets more comments as fans seek to answer the question. Controversial topics are also social media marketing bits that get widely shared and commented on. This makes it an effective and efficient tool for social media marketing.

There are many more Facebook marketing tactics that can bring traffic from Facebook to your website. In social media marketing, every activity that you do, ensure that you link back to your site or blog for it to have an impact on the customer conversion rates from good Facebook traffic.

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