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Tablet with social media marketing, graphs and glasses. Marketing concept.Most of the world has turned to the Internet as a major means of communication, so social media marketing is essential for every business. This platform provides a company with an opportunity to create a digital community that discusses its products and services. It is important to learn tips that teach how to use various social media websites properly so that a company can enhance its brand image and increase its profits. Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter are three places to concentrate marketing efforts.


Recently, Facebook changed how its News Feeds work. It reduced the amount of overly promotional pages that could be posted. For a business to be successful at advertising on this social website, it is now essential to identify a clear audience and create compelling content. To make a business come alive, it is important for posts to be authentic and consistent. Also, the business must respond to comments so that it proves it is listening to the public. Engaging content will maximize the impact of ads, which will attract more business and increase profits.


Since the time Google acquired YouTube, businesses were able to take advantage of the benefits that come from including video content in their advertising campaigns. Video often heightens a person’s perceived quality of a company’s website, which improves Google search results. Also, having a creative video increases the chances it will go “viral” so that great publicity is guaranteed. To get the most from a video, it is essential to have it start and end with the company’s logo. It is also important to set a tone for the video that enhances the personality of the company’s brand.

Sometimes, it is useful to film tutorials that explain how to operate products. How-to videos benefit both employees and consumers. When a business is expanding its product line, a video blog can be useful as well. It addresses new developments and keeps the public abreast of new ideas. When the audience is engaged, it will return time and time again.


Twitter is a powerful tool for a business’s marketing plan. This social network is an excellent way to reach out to consumers and increase brand equity. At the end of 2015, there were approximately 305 million monthly active users worldwide. This means it can play a key role in a company’s marketing efforts. To make the most of this platform, it is essential to examine successful Twitter marketing techniques.

On the outside, Twitter may seem very simple. With a limited 140 characters, a business must say something that grabs the public’s immediate attention. However, looking deeper beyond this perception, there are advanced opportunities to create a lasting impression that has a strong effect on a company’s long-term success.

<li>Use Keywords. The simplest way to drive traffic to a company’s website is to include important keywords in tweets. However, tweets must be kept short. To make sure the message flows naturally and does not sound robotic, it is wise to avoid keyword stuffing. It is helpful to create a list of words and relevant terms that can be interchanged without altering the tweets’ messages.</li>
<li>Relevant Hashtags. After every tweet, a business should include a few relevant hashtags. This makes it easy for users to find the business in targeted searches. The business gains optimum exposure as well. Too many hashtags can get annoying. For maximum impact, they should be simple and relate naturally to the product or service being offered.</li>
<li>Link to Other Sites. To build a loyal following, it is wise to provide the public with valuable information. Inserting relevant links will establish credibility and solid references for customers.</li>
<li>Follow the Competition. It is vital to remain abreast of industry trends. Following the leaders and the competition will help a company gain insight into its target demographic. Also, it is a smart way to uncover ideas that will increase the success of future marketing campaigns.</li>
<li>Correct Timing and Frequency. To create the most effective Twitter marketing campaign, it is important to tweet at the right time and at the right frequency. Sending out a message at the optimal time an audience is available will help it go viral. Also, it is vital not to overwhelm the public with too many tweets. Most expert marketers recommend tweeting between two and four times a day. Taking a day off each week is acceptable as well. This keeps things from getting monotonous.</li>
<li>Geolocation. When a local business is trying to advertise, geolocation is important. This helps engage with a local audience. It is best to reach out to the top Twitter users in the area. Engaging with these contacts can help expand a business’s customer base.</li>
<li>Follow Through. Growing an audience for a company’s brand on social media can be complicated. However, the key to success is following through with promises. For example, Kraft once ran a Twitter promotion that promised people rewards for using the phrase “mac & cheese” in their tweets. Once winners were announced, none of them were contacted by the company, and no prizes were awarded. Poor follow-through may have lost the company a high amount of followers.</li>

When a company understands how to use social media correctly, it can be an effective marketing tool. Although there are numerous platforms, Twitter marketing has become one of the most proficient ways to build an audience. Following Twitter marketing techniques that have proven to work well makes it easy to successfully increase brand awareness.
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